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In case of arrival atToda station

When you arrive at Toda station, here is a direction to our Toda school.


道順1 道順2

1. Arrival of Toda station takes 22 min. from Shinjuki station and 15 min. from Omiya station (Only local trains stop)

2. Go out through an entrance gate, turn right (the East Exit) and then turn right.

道順3 道順4

3. 190m walk in straight along the railroad.

4.Turn left at the first signal (at the Toda St. east exit intersection). You will see Panda House across the street.

道順5 道順6

5. 350m go straight

6. Turn right the next signal (at the Kami-Toda-5chome intersection). You will see

道順7 道順8

7. 150m go straight

8. Turn left at the third alley (You will see Day care center shiki at the corner.) *Caution; Hidden street

道順9 道順10

9. Keep going in 160m straight.

12. You will see a park on the right side.


11. You arrive at Toda school. Welcome!



In case of your arrival at Toda-Koen station

When you arrive at Toda station, here is a direction to our Toda school.


道順1 道順2

1.Arrival of Toda-Koen sta takes 18 min. for a rapid train from Shinjuku (20 min for local train) and 13 min for a rapid train (17 min for local train) from Omiya st.

2. Go out through the entrance gate and turn left (the Ease Exit)

道順3 道順4

3. Go forward to the left step.

4. Go down the stairs.

道順5 道順6

5. Then 130m walk along the railway

6. Turn right at the dead end of the street

道順7 道順8

7.700m walk along the street (Shiyakusho street)

8. Go and across the Daiichi-sho-mae intersection by car or cross over the pedestrian overpass

道順9 道順10

9. Go straight in front of the Toda-Daiichi-Shogakko (Get off a bus at this bus stop)

10. Cross at the Kami-Toda-2chome intersection and keep walking

道順11 道順12

11. Turn left in front of the Kaneko dental clinic (Right after passing the 4th signal)

12. 120m walk in straight

道順13 道順14

13. Turn left in front of the first alley.

14. You will see our Toda school. Welcome!


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