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Daily Time Schedule

10F00`@Arrive at School and Playtime

Arrive at School and PlaytimeArrival Time: Enter a classroom and say ghelloh cheerfully to a teacher and friends. Put lunch boxes and school bags in each room and spend free-play until a class starts.

10F10`@Greeting Time

Start a lesson!
Greet a teacher and friends cheerfully and then singing gHello Songh switches the brains from Japanese to English.

10F20`@Warm Up

A teacher asks each student about todayfs gdate,h gweather,h and gbreakfast,h and students write about it on the sketchbooks in English.
Daily work gradually reduces reluctance to write alphabet.

10F40`@Training Right Brain@

Training Right Brain@ Brush up math levels with work sheets including dotted line, blocks, , solid figure, coordinate system, and arithmetic that are appropriate their individual levels. First, we start a math skill training because of the most effective way to develop the brain.

11F00`@Tea Time

Drink tea in the morning. Receiving hydration and feeling relaxed freely allows the brains to regain concentration levels.

11F10`@ Training Right Brain A

We conduct graphic, line, symmetry and memory training when students have quick minds. During this time, we train their abilities of concentration, memory and creativity. Challenging some difficult tasks makes the brains feel the greatest pleasure.

12F00`@Lunch Time

Enjoy having lunch with a teacher and friends so that students can feel different cultures during gdieth time.

12F50`@Correct Pronunciation

Training Right Brain(1)Practice basic pronunciation. Students learn phonics with funny songs and dances to input real English sound into the brains.

13F00`@Training Right BrainB

After lunch, doing gcraftsh stimulates studentsf fingers and greadingh a book fosters their imagination.

13F40`@Experience Daily Life

Simulate a daily life that can happen all the time by playing make-believe, including playing shopping to brush up communication skills.

fd Bye14F10`@Recitation & Speech Time

Practice speech in accordance with monthly subjects and give a speech in front of everyone.
At speech time, we introduce tongue twister and recitation from the books to build up conversation skills.


fd ByeSay goodbye by singing gGoodbyeh song cheerfully and leave school for home.
See you tomorrow!!


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